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Memorial/Tribute Gifts

St. Peter’s Hospital Foundation welcomes memorial and tribute gifts, which may be given to honor a special relative, friend or associate. Gifts are given to provide a meaningful and lasting memorial or to celebrate a loved one’s special occasion. Donations may be unrestricted gifts or designated for a specific purpose or area at the hospital. Notification is sent to the honoree or family. The amount of your gift will not be mentioned.

Click here to honor that special person through a Memorial or Tribute gift online

  • Name of the honoree & contact information
  • Type of gift: honor or memorial gift
  • Name and contact information of honoree’s family where notification is to be sent
  • Personalized message (optional)
  • Donor’s name, contact information
  • Gift amount & method of payment information

Please send this information to:
St. Peter’s Hospital Foundation
310 South Manning Boulevard
Albany, NY 12208