The Area’s First Charity Event Transitioned from in Person Celebration to a Prime-Time Broadcast

The Holiday Kickoff Celebration is the flagship event for St. Peter’s Hospital Foundation, traditionally taking place every November. The celebration brings together over 900 guests at the majestic Franklin Plaza Ballroom. While enjoying three floors of entertainment and gourmet foods, all gathered are supporting the exceptional work of St. Peter’s Hospital, while kicking off the start of a busy holiday season. Annually, the funds raised from the HKO play a critical role in supporting St. Peter’s Hospital.

This year, more than ever, the funds raised from the celebration would be vital. Realizing that an in-person event was not an option for 2020, the Executive Director of St. Peter’s Hospital Foundation, Shannon Galuski, wanted to move forward with a unique, an exciting option. With a great deal of effort, creativity, faith and support from our donors, the event was transitioned into a prime-time TV production for all to enjoy – the first in our area.

On November 21st, the one-hour Holiday Kickoff Production was aired at 7:00 pm on WNYT Channel 13. The show included entertainers that traditionally would perform at the HKO, thoughtful messages from Holiday Kickoff “Sponsorship Partners,” who generously supported the event, and a welcoming message and toast from St. Peter’s Health Partners President and CEO, Dr. James Reed and his wife Risa. The evening closed with an exclusive and exciting performance from National Country star, Brett Young.

Most importantly, the broadcast highlighted the St. Peter’s Health Partners Heroes, a representation of the members of SPHP who sacrificed and tirelessly faced the unknown, caring for our community, during the unthinkable. The Holiday Kickoff Celebration of 2020 recognized and remined us of the bright lights that could be found in the darkest of days.