Surgeons at St. Peter’s are performing cutting-edge procedures – both surgical and diagnostic – that are transforming the lives of patients every day thanks to the vision and leadership of St. Peter’s Hospital Foundation Board of Directors and the generosity of the community.  Earlier this year, the members of St. Peter’s Hospital Foundation Board approved the purchase of the hospitals third daVinchi Robotic System.

Among area hospitals, computer-assisted “robotic” surgery was first available at St. Peter’s (2004) and is used more often at St. Peter’s than any other hospital in the Capital Region. It is one of several minimally-invasive surgical procedures that help doctors perform with greater precision and smaller incisions so patients experience less pain and heal more quickly.  These procedures involve prostate cancer, breast cancer, hysterectomies and cancer in the female urinary system. Today, St. Peter’s Hospital has performed nearly 7,800 robotic procedures, more than one percent of all robotic procedures in the world.

The purchase of this third system has allowed over 216 patients to have surgery to date. Additionally, the surgeons at St. Peter’s Hospital continue their innovative practices by completing the first Neobladder in the Capital District and the first Whipple surgery in the Capital District.

The leadership of the Foundation Board of Directors had the opportunity to experience a first-hand look at the daVinci robotic system and learn from the leading surgeons the significant benefits to the patients. Pictured in front Doris Fischer Malesardi, Secretary of the board. Back row left to right Michael Conway, Board President, Thomas R. Tyrrell, Chairman of the Board and Dave Rubin, Assistant Secretary.


In recent years, St. Peter’s Hospital has been recognized by national and state health care quality organizations for excellence in care.  Some of these honors include:

us-news-world-reportU.S. News & World Report

U.S. News & World Report (USN&WR) has awarded St. Peter’s Hospital (SPH) its highest ranking in northeastern New York and one of the highest in New York state for excellent quality of care. (2016-2017).

In rating nearly 5,000 hospitals nationally on key indicators of patient care, the magazine placed St. Peter’s Hospital 12th among nearly 250 hospitals in New York state and the highest in northeastern New York state.

St. Peter’s Hospital had 10 adult specialties, adult procedures and conditions singled out as “high performing” – gastroenterology and GI surgery, geriatrics, heart bypass surgery, heart failure, hip replacement, knee replacement, COPD, colon cancer surgery, aortic valve surgery, and pulmonology.